Evening in the Canyon 9×12 Oil

Evening in the Canyon 9x12 OilWhen I participate in plein air painting events, such as the 2016 Grand Canyon Celebration of Art, I’m usually worn out by the end of the day.  But I always try to sneak in one more painting before day’s end.  “Evening in the Canyon” is such a piece.  I was entranced by the warm glow of the sunset on some of the buttes far below me as I stood looking down from the South Rim.  Buy it here!

A Moment in Time 12×9 Oil

A Moment in Time 12x9 Oil“A Moment in Time” is a small but favorite plein air painting from the 2016 Grand Canyon Celebration of Art.  It depicts a famous viewpoint — Mather Point — where crowds of visitors gather to gawk at the stupendous view.  For many, it’s their first view of the Canyon.  I always enjoy walking east on the trail a ways so I can look back and count how many people are out there.  In this painting, you can see a few of them in their brightly-colored clothing.  Buy the painting here.

Perched 9×12 oil

Perched 9x12 oil by Michael Chesley JohnsonThis is another in a series of small plein air paintings I made as part of the 2016 Grand Canyon Celebration of Art.  The Canyon has a very dominant, “flat” horizon to it.  Design-wise, it’s nice to break up that horizon with a shape–a tree, in this case.  I hauled my gear down off the rim among the sandstone and shrubbery to find this little character perched above me.  I loved the shape it made against the sky.  Buy it here!

Plateau Point 6×8 oil

Plateau Point ViewThis is a sweet little painting from the 2016 Grand Canyon Celebration of Art.  Far down in the Canyon, you can see Plateau Point with the trail that takes you (or some adventurous hiker) to its tip.  You can see Plateau Point from nearly everywhere along the South Rim in Grand Canyon National Park, but its shape changes with the view angle.  This one was pointed from the start of Hermit Drive, near the Trailview pull-off.  Buy it here.