Spring Creek Rush 9×12 Oil

Spring Creek Rush 9x12 oil

In the winters, I live in a quiet hinterland between Sedona and Cottonwood, Arizona.  It’s in a lush riparian area at the confluence of Oak and Spring Creeks.  There’s not a morning I take a walk and don’t see herons, mergansers, phoebes, great horned owls and the occasional bald eagle.  Oak Creek, never bridled by the hand of man, can run wild when the snows melt in Flagstaff.  Spring Creek, on the other hand, though it has its tumultuous moments, is generally quieter.  I love to stand on its banks and paint the morning shadows as they crawl across the rocks.  This painting depicts one such quiet moment.  You can see a larger image and purchase the painting here.

Coffee Pot Ridge, Overcast 9×12 oil

 It’s a rare day when you have clouds in Sedona,  much less complete overcast.  On this plein air outing, though, that’s what we had.  I enjoy painting Sedona’s red rocks under these conditions; the rocks are deeper in tone, richer.  This is what I call Coffee Pot Ridge.  The actual “Coffee Pot” formation is on the far right, and seen at an angle where you can’t see its spout.  You can view a larger image and purchase the painting here.

Red Ridge 9×12 oil

In the Red Rock District of the Coconino Forest around Sedona, there are large tracts marked “wilderness.”  You can’t take a motor vehicle, bicycle or chainsaw into these areas; they are indeed, preserved as wilderness for the ages.  However, you can hike and paint in them!  I have a few favorite spots, and “Red Ridge” features a little outcrop that’s always fascinated me.  You can see a larger image and purchase the painting here.