High Desert Snow 6x12 Oil by Michael Chesley Johnson
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High Desert Snow 6x12 Oil

“Inscription Rock” is one of my favorite places to take a hike.  The jewel of El Morro National Monument, this sandstone outcrop has been incised by many travelers, from the prehistoric Ancestral Puebloans to Spanish Conquistadors to the US Army as part this country’s unjust doctrine of Manifest Destiny.  A wonderful hike takes your past the inscriptions and also to the 13th century Atsinna pueblo on top.  Summertime, you have acres of wild sunflowers decorating the surrounding fields; wintertime, you have snow and ice on the north side in the shadows.

I painted this scene years ago, and now that I have returned to live nearby, I am painting it again.

For a larger image and more detail, please click here.