Mentoring for Artists

Mentoring originated from Greek mythology, in which Mentor was a wise and trusted advisor to Odysseus. Under Mentor’s direction and guidance, Telemachus, the son of Odysseus, became a much-loved ruler. Today, a mentor is an advisor and supporter, and perhaps even a friend and role model, of someone pursing specific goals.

Because people have different goals and life experiences, mentoring isn’t a science. Instead, it requires the mentor to carefully assess each case and to respond accordingly and effectively.

A mentoring workshop is not just about advanced instruction. It’s an opportunity for the serious painter to address issues that are bigger than mere craft. As you work shoulder-to-shoulder with an experienced professional who gladly coaches, motivates and shares wisdom, you may:

  • Give your art a mid-course correction
  • Create an action plan for the future
  • Define where your career is headed

Or, if you just want to paint with a “guide” without reevaluating your life, you can do that, too!

Michael offers two kinds of mentoring:

  • A private, one-on-one “painting intensive” at his studio in New Mexico.  This program also offers lodging and meals.  For full details, click this link. 
  • Distance mentoring.  For this, Michael will work with you via e-mail, video conferencing or telephone.  After a consultation, he’ll customize a program just for you.  You need to be able to submit high-quality images via the Internet.   Cost is $50/hour with a minimum of 3 hours.  For details and current availability, contact Michael.

Prices Include Frame and Shipping to Continental US Unless Otherwise Noted. Dismiss

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