What Collectors Say About Michael’s Work

Collectors and patrons offer testimonials about Michael’s work.  If you have a favorite painting or good experience, he’d love to hear from you!

“I love your work. I have purchased two paintings from you. … I received a few days of wonderful assistance from you a couple of years ago in a workshop. You absolutely transformed my view of landscapes from giant vistas to detailed places of peace and wonder. I believe those few days with you and your guidance has propelled me into more plein air than I had ever thought possible. Thank you for your genius and patience.”

“Received the painting, it’s exactly as it appeared in the photograph! It’s lovely, just lovely. This little gem shows just the right amount of restraint that allows me to enter into the place. The knowledge of tools and place you demonstrate are those that I’m striving for in my own artistic expressions.”

“Your artwork adds life to my bedroom where your paintings are on display. Whistler had his art work on display in the famous “Peacock Room”; I have my own “Michael Chesley Johnson” room!”

“Michael’s talent makes the world a nicer place.”

“A real jewel from a very talented guy.”

“Beautiful painting, a very talented artist.”

“A really gifted artist.”

“Such a beautiful little piece – very delicate. What talent!”

“I’m so lucky to be able to acquire your stunning artwork.”

“Poetic little pastel by very talented artist.”

“Lovely, delicate piece.”

“Beautiful, sensitive little piece. I couldn’t be happier.”

“Wonderful landscape painting, wonderful artist.”

“Love the colors…”

“An atmospheric look at a beautiful part of the country. I look forward to more.”

“A stunning painting.”

“I love this painting; the fresh colors and freeness of brushwork are outstanding.”

Collectors and Patrons Offer Testimonials on Paintings by Michael Chesley Johnson

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