Quiet Time 6×8 Oil


Quiet Time 6×8 Oil

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Seascape: Quiet Time 6×8 Oil. This is one of my favorite spots to paint on Campobello Island, especially at low tide.  The spruce-clad ledges point off to the southeast, and at their feet lays a vast expanse of gravel and mud.  The far part of this beach has blanketed by an intensely green marsh grass; it must be very tolerant to salt, as it is submerged half the day.  I love this “glare” effect where the ledges are backlit, throwing the spruces into deep shadow–a wonderful contrast for that bright green patch. (If you’ve never been to Campobello and the Roosevelt-Campobello International Park, here is a link:  www.fdr.net.)

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An internationally-recognized artist, Michael Chesley Johnson paints the American Southwest, coastal Maine and the Canadian Maritimes in oil and pastel. Challenging outdoor events such as the Grand Canyon “Celebration of Art” have invited him to participate again and again.  An author of art instruction books and videos, he writes frequently for The Artist’s Magazine and Pastel Journal.  Also a much-sought-after teacher, he teaches painting workshops across the US and at his studios in Arizona and Maine. His latest book is Outdoor Study to Studio:  Take Your Plein Air Painting to the Next Level, which is available at Amazon.com.