I’ll be on the faculty of the 2023 Plein Air Convention in Denver in May.  I’m very excited about being part of this premier art event.  Details will be at www.PleinAirConvention.com.

I was an Invited Artist for the 2022 Plein Air Convention in Santa Fe. Despite COVID, which was haunting the halls of every convention center and hotel, I was eager to go. Just to stay safe–I had about four weeks of traveling to do immediately after–I decided to stay in my hotel room or outdoors as much as possible. (I even bought a new microwave oven so I could eat in my room rather than in the resort’s restaurants.) Even so, I attended all the demos and talks I could and even passed through the vendor show to chat with a couple of vendors know. My demo, which was toward the end of the week, went well. I especially enjoyed the outdoor painting sessions, as that allowed me to de-mask and to enjoy the afternoons.

This next time, I won’t be a demonstrator but rather a “field painter.” This means I’ll be outdoors painting at all plein air sessions, and I’ll also be circulating around helping attendees and answering questions and giving tips. PLUS I’ll be demonstrating for Judson’s Art Outfitters in the vendor room–come check out some of the new pochade boxes I’ll be using.

I hope to see you in May in Denver!