Price List & About Commissions

 Note: Prices are for oil or pastel paintings.

Terms: Payment in advance preferred, but we can extend payments over a few months with 30% deposit up front. We happily take personal checks, credit cards or Paypal payments.

Return Policy: You may return your painting within seven days of receipt (you pay for shipping), no questions asked. We want satisified customers!

To Purchase: You can use the shopping cart here and pay via PayPal or credit card.  Free shipping to the continental US.  A shipping cost will be added for paintings shipped outside this area.  You may also pay by personal check through the same system.  Or, you can  contact Michael Chesley Johnson directly through e-mail with the painting’s title and stock number. He’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Pricing Includes:  frame plus shipping to continental US unless otherwise noted.  Many of the paintings do not include frames, so read the description carefully.

Regarding Commissions: Time permitting, Michael will paint a commission if the subject and location “speak” to him, and if he is allowed to give the subject his own unique treatment.. (You may, however, specify size and medium, e.g. oil or pastel.) No deposit necessary, and if the painting doesn’t suit you, you don’t have to buy it!

Pricing is for framed Gallery Pieces, whether on the web site or in galleries.  Plein air sketches may be priced differently.

6×8 $300
8×10 $500
9×12 $700
11×14 $800
12×16 $1,200
12×24 $1,800
14×18 $1,800
16×20 $2,000
12×36 $2,800
18×24 $2,800
24×30 $4,000
24×36 $4,200
36×36 $5,000
Price List and Painting Commissions for Artist Michael Chesley Johnson

About Availability

Because Michael splits his year between two locations, most Southwestern paintings are in New Mexico and most Maritime paintings in Canada.  At the time of order, a particular painting may be delayed in shipping.  We will contact you if this is the case.