Special Painting Projects

    Canyon Series

    I spend a lot of time hiking in the canyon behind my studio  Often, I end up there with my sketchbook or paintbox.  From these little sketches–or small paintings–I sometimes create larger, more-considered works in the studio.

    Lake Series

    Near my studio there is a lake, surrounded by beautiful candy-striped cliffs and edged with aspens and cottonwoods.  I spend a lot of my time hiking around it, and I always discover something new that compels me to paint.

    Scotland Series

    Many of my ancestors came from Scotland, and not all that long ago.  I’ve made a few trips to my ancestral lands, especially the Orkney Islands, and from these visits have come many sketches as well as studio paintings.

    Variations on a Theme

    “Variations on a theme” is one of the most rewarding–and educational–approach a painter can undertake.  Many of these are studio pieces.

    Transformative Series

    The best way I can describe this ongoing series of paintings is that they transform the real into something more spiritual and imaginative.  “Magical realism” might be the category. They often have a very personal meaning for me.

    Gouache Sketches

    I recently discovered gouache as the perfect sketching medium–better than oil, pastel or even watercolor.  Much of the plein air painting I do these days is in gouache.  I fill sketchbooks with gouache sketches on my travels and for my daily painting practice.  Gouache sketches are not for sale, alas.