My senses, so accustomed to the high desert of New Mexico, have come alive again here by the ocean.  The sea air, misty and cool, brushes softly against my skin.  The slightest of breezes pushes ashore the iron smell of seaweed.  Round pebbles the size of my thumb roll beneath my step.  Sea birds cry before me and jump into the air, only to descend a dozen feet ahead and to then rise again as I approach.  

There are many islands in the world, but none of them are like Campobello Island, where I find myself now.  I’m eager to spend the summer exploring the trails and painting my way through the season.

This year, to make room for the new paintings, I am offering 50% off any Maritime painting priced at $300 or higher.  I will ship the paintings unframed, and the price includes free shipping to the US or Canada. (US dollars only and offer good only through August 15.)

You can see the paintings at this link.  (I have over 70 paintings on the website, so make sure you go through all the pages!)  When you checkout, use the code “summerdays”.  I prefer payment by check, but I will also take Zelle or Paypal.  After your purchase, I will contact you with the payment information.

Here’s an even better deal:  If you come to Campobello Island to see my studio and buy a painting, I will give you 60% off the purchase price.  Contact me at if you’d like a visit.  I’m more than happy to show you my studio.  I have many, many sketches that are not on the website, and you can only see them in my studio.