In September, 2024, I’ll be heading to Scotland for the month.  I’ll be painting, sketching, taking photographs and hiking–all with the goal of completing my new book, THROUGH A PAINTER’S BRUSH: SCOTLAND.  This book will be like my other THROUGH A PAINTER’S BRUSH books (available at Amazon), filled with images of my paintings and photos plus personal essays.

I’ve been to Scotland twice before.  I painted on the Isle of Skye, the Central Lowlands (including Stirling Castle!), and also Orkney (where I have family roots.)  Scotland is an enchanting place with a vast variety of stunning landscapes, and I am so eager to go back and paint some more–and to share my experience with you.

To help finance the trip, I’m offering two new levels of membership.  In the lower level, you can receive a nicely framed 6×8 painting of the Scottish landscape. In the higher level, you can get a painting PLUS a copy of my new book! You can find out more details on my Patreon page.  Go to the different levels to see the detail.

Don’t want to do Patreon? Not a problem! You can also pay the full amount up front. Just contact me to arrange that.

I hope you’ll support me on this trip.  I’ve had lots of support on my previous two trips to Scotland, and I am so grateful. Thank you to all who have supported me!