Schedule a Painting Workshop for Your Group


Michael Chesley Johnson will gladly travel to your location and present a workshop tailored just for you and your group.  Workshops can be:

  • One to five days (subject to location and travel distance)
  • For any student level, from beginner to advanced or professional
  • In soft (chalk) pastel and/or oil painting
  • Studio or plein air or outdoor-study-to-studio
  • Or customized to your needs!

Here are some general details:

  • Charge is US$75/day/student plus travel and lodging.
  • Maximum number of students is 12. Minimum depends on location and travel distance.
  • Lodging will be waived if sponsor will provide Michael with housing.
  • A deposit of 50% of the total per student is required. Deposits are generally non-refundable; if a student needs to cancel, the deposit can be applied to a later workshop with Michael. (E.g. a $375 workshop would require at least a $185 deposit per student.)
  • Sponsors are encouraged to add to Michael’s fee for refreshments and other expenses such as name tags, studio rental, etc.
  • Sponsor does not need to provide meals.
  • One comp (free workshop) is allowed per workshop. This can go to the organizer, housing sponsor, etc. Comp is not included in paying student minimum.
  • A well-lit studio space must provided to accommodate students and their easels. Even an outdoor painting workshop may run into a rainy day. Space will also be used for daily critiques and lectures.

These are just general details. The workshop can be completely customized to your group. Don’t hesitate, because Michael often books workshops over a year in advance!

Contact Michael if you’d like to schedule a workshop