Good news, it seems, is always just around the corner. Recently, I learned I’m one of five finalists for the New Mexico Arts/Gallup Arts McKinley County Courthouse Commission Project. I’m due to present my proposal in early November, and if I win, I’ll have a year to complete and install the work.

This is the biggest project I’ve been involved with and, frankly, it’s frightening. The courthouse rotunda, where the art will be installed, consists of three areas, totalling around 360 square feet of space. It’s a little hard to visualize that number, so let me convert it to something most plein air painters are familiar with, the 9×12-inch panel. The amount of space to be filled is equal to around 485 of those little panels.

And that’s what I find scary. I can certainly make a proposal, and I’ll make my very best effort. But if I win, can I follow through? I sure hope so.

It’s possible I won’t win the whole project; up to four artists may be selected. I may be selected for one, two or all three areas—or none at all. The budget, the total of which is $100,000, gets split up by area.

I plan to post updates as time goes by on my blog, “A Plein Air Painter’s Blog.” You can follow me there. And wish me luck!